I’ve spent most of my life living in the Midwest.  I call soda “pop”, sneakers “tennis shoes”, and, to me “party stores” aren’t places you buy balloons and streamers.  Most recently, I lived on the East Coast for several years for grad school.  I missed the friendliness of Midwesterners, my friends, my family, and Portillo’s Italian Beefs.  But, DC was a good place to go to school.  I was there for President Obama’s inauguration.  I got to attend Supreme Court oral arguments.  I met R.

Now, I’m living in Los Angeles, a city I never expected to be in.  Sometimes I still miss home, but most of the time I’m loving it.  I love cooking, trying new restaurants, watching movies, and exploring my new city.  I also love that I get to hang out with R, the dog, and two cats every day.  This is what I write about.

I’m a Midwest Girl in LA writing about life in my new city.  Thanks for joining me!


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