A very merry Christmas.

It’s been a wonderful Christmastime, but it’s also been a very busy one.  With holiday parties/get-togethers, friends in town, finishing up a project for work, getting ready for my dear friend G to come live with us for the month of January, and interviewing for new jobs (and getting one), it’s been a busy couple weeks.  But, I’ll be home for Christmas and I’m looking forward to spending the week at my parents’ getting fed, watching movies, and relaxing (and catching up on all the blog posts floating around in my mind).  I don’t think it’ll be a white Christmas in Chicago, but it’ll certainly be a happy one.

Unfortunately, R and I are spending the week apart.  But, we’re not flying off to our respective parts of the country until tomorrow morning, so we get to spend Christmas Eve together and that’s when Santa Claus is coming to town, you know.  Tonight, I’m roasting a cute (not-so) little 5 lbs duck.  If all goes well, we’ll be feasting on some good food and wine and even though it’s hardly cold outside, baby, (it’ll be 70 degrees in LA today) you can be sure there will be chestnuts roasting on an open fire roaring in the fireplace.

I can’t express enough how truly blessed I feel.  It is the most wonderful time of the year not only because is it reminder of our love and gratitude to ones special to us, it’s a renewal of faith and hope in all people and, for me, in God.

All I want for Christmas is you to have to most special time on this o holy night.  Joy to the world!  Glory to the newborn King!

No real video, but here’s a sweet version of The Christmas Song by Catherine Feeny. Merry Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “A very merry Christmas.

  1. formosanwonderboy says:

    Merry Christmas Ji!! Be safe and I’ll see you soon!

  2. Mark Anderson says:

    Merry belated Christmas. I wouldn’t put an open flame anywhere near our Christmas tree. The paint on the trees from Loews could probably fuel a jet. Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Skf0tTp8PU.

  3. […] his new job and I started my fellowship.  Michigan won the Sugar Bowl.  We passed the bar.  We spent our first Christmas together.  I ended my fellowship and got a new job.  I bought a car — the first time really driving […]

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