A sweet sugary victory and a hot bowl of pho.

First, let me say a big fat congratulations to our boys in maize and blue for the deliciously sweet victory over Virginia Tech last night.  It was a nail biting OT win (I’ve always loved kickers), but “we” did it!  SUGAR BOWL CHAMPS 2012!  What a night it must’ve been in NOLA.  R and I went there last year and we loved it.

Gibbons' 37 yd field goal wins Michigan a Sugar Bowl victory.

It was the first day back at work from the long holiday week, so I was exhausted come 5:30pm when the game started plus I had work to do from home.  Seriously, why are bowl games on weekdays?  I decided not to join G at her friend’s place to watch and instead met up with R for dinner at our favorite LA pho shop.

Pho with rare beef, well-done brisket, and beef tendon at Pho 87.

Pho 87 is our go-to place for pho now.  It’s located in Chinatown, which is where the other two pho shops I’ve been to so far are also located (Gigo’s and Via).  Does anyone know if there’s a Viet town in/around LA?

Anyway, back to this pho.  The broth is out of control good.  Really deep and delicious flavors created magically from cooking it for hours and hours.  The kind of broth you don’t want to muck up with sriacha and hoisin.  R got a medium Pho Tai (with rare beef) and I got a small I-forget-the-name-but-I-think-it’s-number-5 (with rare beef, well-done brisket, and tendon).  This is my new favorite pho.  I used to always order the super combination one with tripe, meatballs, tendon, and other bits, but lately the offal in Asian soups has been a little too much even for me.  The beef and tendon one is perfect.  Tendon, when prepared properly, is rich like fat but without the fat and has a great texture.  I remember being told that it’s good for your skin, but that might be an old wives’ Asian moms’ tale.

The pho at Pho 87 is delicious and very reasonably priced at around $7.50.  Cash only.  Bonus: They were playing the game, so we watched the second quarter there.  Sadly, it was the only part of the game I actually saw because we don’t have cable, but we listened to it streaming live.  Sweet R woke me up from a desperately needed nap so I could listen to the last part of the game just in time to hear our boys win.

Question: Does anyone know why so many pho shops are called Pho # (e.g., Pho 75, Pho 87, etc.)?  Someone told me once it signified the year the owners emigrated to America.

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