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Making dreams come true with tofu.

I make dreams come true. That’s what I told G when I went with her to BCD Tofu House for some soon dubu (soon doo boo) – Korean spicy tofu soup – one of my all-time favorite Korean dishes.

BCD Tofu House on Western. By the way, BCD stands for Buk Chang Dong in case you're Google mapping and see that and get confused because you never knew what BCD stood for. Just some advice.

BCD Tofu House is a chain I frequented often in Seoul when I lived there my junior year in college. I loved it so much that I went for my 21st birthday. After moving back to the States, I always looked forward to going whenever I was in New York City. So very sad to hear that the Manhattan location is closing. BCD being 24/7, it was often the fourth or fifth stop of the night and an obscene hour once we got there.

This is probably 5:30am on a Thursday in Manhattan. Oh, NYC, you really are a lot of fun, but you make me so tired thinking about you.

G had never been to BCD before and told me it was her dream to go (her words, not mine). Naturally, me being the purveyor of dreams (and a HUGE fan of tofu), I went with her.

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