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On the road.

Yesterday, G and I got in the car and drove up to San Francisco to surprise visit our dear friend Mi who also moved to Cali from Chicago the same time I did. To make the whole trip and surprise even more unbearably exciting, E flew in from Chi to join the surprise!! The surprise was perfect and we had a great time catching up at Comstock Saloon. The food was delicious as were the cocktails. There will be a post about us midwest girls in SF soon. But for now, a quickie about our on-the-road meal at a California favorite…


G and I crossed off another to-do on her list and stopped at In-n-Out while on the road.


To be honest (please don’t hate me), my experience with InO has been meh. But everyone yells at me when I say that and say it is my fault I didn’t order from the “secret” menu. So this time I searched the web and prepared for my order.

I ordered a cheeseburger animal style with a side of peppers and fries well done.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. The lettuce is crisp and the tomato tastes fresh. I’m not a huge fan of caramelized onions but these were pretty yummy. The meat and cheese is awesome as meat and cheese normally is. But it just isn’t as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. And the fries, well done or regular, are flat out bad.

I’m still a bigger fan of Five Guys but at $5.20 for all that plus a drink, InO is at a different price point so it might not be fair to compare. It’s certainly worlds better than McDonald’s. Although (please don’t hate me) the animal style sauce just tastes like Big Mac sauce to me.

Why do I have a bad feeling that I’ve lost some readers. Sorry, Californians. I just tell it as I taste it. More from MWG in SF soon!

What are some of your favorite places to go/eat/see in SF? We are going on an architectural walking tour this morning and I’m super excited to nerd out in the city with my girls.

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A sweet sugary victory and a hot bowl of pho.

First, let me say a big fat congratulations to our boys in maize and blue for the deliciously sweet victory over Virginia Tech last night.  It was a nail biting OT win (I’ve always loved kickers), but “we” did it!  SUGAR BOWL CHAMPS 2012!  What a night it must’ve been in NOLA.  R and I went there last year and we loved it.

Gibbons' 37 yd field goal wins Michigan a Sugar Bowl victory.

It was the first day back at work from the long holiday week, so I was exhausted come 5:30pm when the game started plus I had work to do from home.  Seriously, why are bowl games on weekdays?  I decided not to join G at her friend’s place to watch and instead met up with R for dinner at our favorite LA pho shop.

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Food truck Tuesdays.

I finally got over to Figueroa Produce in Highland Park last week to check out all the food trucks that park in the lot from 5-9 every Tuesday.  I was worried because after a quick Google search I read that the future of “Highland Park Dinner on the Go” or HParkDOTG  (formerly known as Highland Park Din-Din-a-Go-Go Food Truck or HParkDDAGG) was uncertain after organizer Chef Debbie Lee of Ahn Joo (as in Korean bar food) food truck fame stepped down because she had just opened a “brick and mortar” (what the cool kids are calling an actual restaurant location, like in a building).  Twitter seemed to think that it was still going on, so we tried it out.

Thankfully, it was.  There were lots of delicious sounding trucks there: Coolhaus (gourmet ice cream sandwiches), The Greasy Weiner (fun hot dogs), Grill Em All (burgers and the winners of the Great Food Truck Race), and others.

After doing the once around, we ended up splitting a noodle dish from Lomo Arigato and some fully loaded fries from Frysmith.

Peruvian + Japanese.

Gourmet fries loaded with goodies.

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A delicious map of yum.

Is it just me or has this week back to work after Thanksgiving been SO exhausting?  I am just tuckered out BEAT.

I feel like this guy:

Yesterday, I was so tired that I got into bed at 8:30 and was ready to call it a night.  R kept calling me an old lady, so I decided to poke around the blog.  I’ve been meaning to organize all my posts on recipes, restaurants, and crafts onto separate pages, so I started to do that.  I haven’t been blogging for very long, so I figured it wouldn’t take long and I could be sleeping by 9.  Silly me.  Nothing takes 30 minutes.

I got to the restaurant page and asked R if he thought grouping them by parts of town or by cuisine would be better.

He said, “Why don’t you group them by cuisine and also embed a Google map that has all the restaurants pinned on it and have the pins link to your post?

To which I responded, “What.

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“Race? Bullsh!t.”

All week, R and I had been trying to decide where to go after we got our bar exam results.  Good or bad, we knew we were going to want some good food and a beer.  We just had an amazing (expensive) steak dinner at David Burke’s in Chicago not too long ago, so we decided somewhere more casual would be just find with us.  After tossing around the idea of a DTLA or Pasadena happy hour, we decided we both deserved to get nice and boozy.  We didn’t feel like taking the train (yes, LA has a Metro rail), so we decided to check out a Salvadoran restaurant that’s about a 10 minute walk from our home.

EBS Wall Hanging

The restaurant looks nothing like this tapestry that's up on its wall, but it's still yummy and fun.

El Buen Sabor is located in Mt. Washington, where we normally tell Angelenos we live because no one has ever heard of Montecito Heights.  At first look, the restaurant looks “fast-foody” with its plastic booths and dishes and those red plastic baskets for chips or fries.  It reminded me of a place early twenty-somethings would stumble into post-bar (the other kind of bar) in Lakeview, Chicago.  But, after hanging out there for three hours, we realized El Buen Sabor is much more than a place you stop in for a quick burrito.

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