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One year in LA.

Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger.  Clearly, my life has not gotten any less busy since my last post in January when I started my job.  I’m currently assigned to about 35 cases and have been in deposition or court almost every day for the past month.  I’ve taken over 20 depositions, defended a handful, and written and argued too many ex-partes and motions to compel than I care to remember.  I’ve certainly gotten a ton of great experience these past 7 months (but not a whole lot of sleep).

Not the best lit assistant.

Although now is not the best time to try to revive this blog (getting ready for trial this month), I wanted to take the time and reflect on my first year as a MWG in LA.

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The wolf plate has got to go.

I cannot believe it’s already November.  It’s been almost 2 months since moving to LA from DC.  After the first two weeks of going pretty hard at unpacking, buying furniture, spending too much time at Bed Bath & Beyond, settling in, etc., I’m sad to report that I’ve… sort of… fizzled… out.

Okay, I haven’t done anything.  The office/guestroom looks like a storage facility/cats’ feeding room, my DIY shabby-chic coffee table is just looking shabby, and apart from the wolf plate (as in, a plate with a howling wolf that R painted at one of those pottery stores) that we ironically (I think) put on our mantle, we have no decorations.

This is what I think of every time I see that wolf plate.

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