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One year in LA.

Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger.  Clearly, my life has not gotten any less busy since my last post in January when I started my job.  I’m currently assigned to about 35 cases and have been in deposition or court almost every day for the past month.  I’ve taken over 20 depositions, defended a handful, and written and argued too many ex-partes and motions to compel than I care to remember.  I’ve certainly gotten a ton of great experience these past 7 months (but not a whole lot of sleep).

Not the best lit assistant.

Although now is not the best time to try to revive this blog (getting ready for trial this month), I wanted to take the time and reflect on my first year as a MWG in LA.

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All the hours are happy hours.

I love happy hour.  Going straight from work, I’m already dressed well and there’s no dragging myself out once I’m already home.  Plus, I get to try new restaurants and bars and take advantage of some sweet deals.

DTLA makes me feel like I'm in a city again.

R and I decided to meet up for a DTLA happy hour after work and ended up picking Drago Centro because (1) it’s smack dab in between a purple line station and R’s work, an easy walk for both of us; (2) they have fancy cocktails, wine, and beer for $5 and substantial “I can replace dinner with HH” foods for $4; (3) it’s on Jonathan Gold’s list of 99 essential LA restaurants that we’re eating our way through; and (4) their happy hour is ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

I kid you not.  All the hours are happy hours at Drago Centro.  Everything off their “Small Bites” menu is at happy hour prices — drinks for $5-$6 and food for $3-$10.

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“Race? Bullsh!t.”

All week, R and I had been trying to decide where to go after we got our bar exam results.  Good or bad, we knew we were going to want some good food and a beer.  We just had an amazing (expensive) steak dinner at David Burke’s in Chicago not too long ago, so we decided somewhere more casual would be just find with us.  After tossing around the idea of a DTLA or Pasadena happy hour, we decided we both deserved to get nice and boozy.  We didn’t feel like taking the train (yes, LA has a Metro rail), so we decided to check out a Salvadoran restaurant that’s about a 10 minute walk from our home.

EBS Wall Hanging

The restaurant looks nothing like this tapestry that's up on its wall, but it's still yummy and fun.

El Buen Sabor is located in Mt. Washington, where we normally tell Angelenos we live because no one has ever heard of Montecito Heights.  At first look, the restaurant looks “fast-foody” with its plastic booths and dishes and those red plastic baskets for chips or fries.  It reminded me of a place early twenty-somethings would stumble into post-bar (the other kind of bar) in Lakeview, Chicago.  But, after hanging out there for three hours, we realized El Buen Sabor is much more than a place you stop in for a quick burrito.

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