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Brunch without bloodys is just lunch.

Good morning!  First, a quick administrative note: I changed the settings so you no longer have to register to comment.  Now you can comment as much as your heart desires!  A good morning, it is!  Am I right?

Yesterday, after fully taking advantage of daylights waking up at 6am and lounging around in bed for several hours while it rained, once the sun came back out we headed to brunch at bld in West Hollywood / Mid-City West (not sure what natives call that neighborhood; I just go by what Yelp and Google tell me).  A buddy told me I should go to Urth Cafe in WeHo (that’s, apparently, what folks call West Hollywood) for some good food and celebrity sightings, but it sounded a bit too chaotic for me.

Breakfast, spicy (but anorexic) bloodys, and coffee at bld.

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