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On the road.

Yesterday, G and I got in the car and drove up to San Francisco to surprise visit our dear friend Mi who also moved to Cali from Chicago the same time I did. To make the whole trip and surprise even more unbearably exciting, E flew in from Chi to join the surprise!! The surprise was perfect and we had a great time catching up at Comstock Saloon. The food was delicious as were the cocktails. There will be a post about us midwest girls in SF soon. But for now, a quickie about our on-the-road meal at a California favorite…


G and I crossed off another to-do on her list and stopped at In-n-Out while on the road.


To be honest (please don’t hate me), my experience with InO has been meh. But everyone yells at me when I say that and say it is my fault I didn’t order from the “secret” menu. So this time I searched the web and prepared for my order.

I ordered a cheeseburger animal style with a side of peppers and fries well done.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. The lettuce is crisp and the tomato tastes fresh. I’m not a huge fan of caramelized onions but these were pretty yummy. The meat and cheese is awesome as meat and cheese normally is. But it just isn’t as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. And the fries, well done or regular, are flat out bad.

I’m still a bigger fan of Five Guys but at $5.20 for all that plus a drink, InO is at a different price point so it might not be fair to compare. It’s certainly worlds better than McDonald’s. Although (please don’t hate me) the animal style sauce just tastes like Big Mac sauce to me.

Why do I have a bad feeling that I’ve lost some readers. Sorry, Californians. I just tell it as I taste it. More from MWG in SF soon!

What are some of your favorite places to go/eat/see in SF? We are going on an architectural walking tour this morning and I’m super excited to nerd out in the city with my girls.

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Making dreams come true with tofu.

I make dreams come true. That’s what I told G when I went with her to BCD Tofu House for some soon dubu (soon doo boo) – Korean spicy tofu soup – one of my all-time favorite Korean dishes.

BCD Tofu House on Western. By the way, BCD stands for Buk Chang Dong in case you're Google mapping and see that and get confused because you never knew what BCD stood for. Just some advice.

BCD Tofu House is a chain I frequented often in Seoul when I lived there my junior year in college. I loved it so much that I went for my 21st birthday. After moving back to the States, I always looked forward to going whenever I was in New York City. So very sad to hear that the Manhattan location is closing. BCD being 24/7, it was often the fourth or fifth stop of the night and an obscene hour once we got there.

This is probably 5:30am on a Thursday in Manhattan. Oh, NYC, you really are a lot of fun, but you make me so tired thinking about you.

G had never been to BCD before and told me it was her dream to go (her words, not mine). Naturally, me being the purveyor of dreams (and a HUGE fan of tofu), I went with her.

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A sweet sugary victory and a hot bowl of pho.

First, let me say a big fat congratulations to our boys in maize and blue for the deliciously sweet victory over Virginia Tech last night.  It was a nail biting OT win (I’ve always loved kickers), but “we” did it!  SUGAR BOWL CHAMPS 2012!  What a night it must’ve been in NOLA.  R and I went there last year and we loved it.

Gibbons' 37 yd field goal wins Michigan a Sugar Bowl victory.

It was the first day back at work from the long holiday week, so I was exhausted come 5:30pm when the game started plus I had work to do from home.  Seriously, why are bowl games on weekdays?  I decided not to join G at her friend’s place to watch and instead met up with R for dinner at our favorite LA pho shop.

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Happy 2012!

Happiest happy new year!

What an eventful year 2011 was for me: I tried my first case in the clinic I was in at law school, I graduated law school, I moved to California with R, I took and passed the bar, I was sworn into the California State Bar making me an actual real lawyer, I got a new job, and I started this blog.  Whew.  I’m excited to see what 2012 brings!

The end of 2011 was lovely.  R and I had a special first Christmas Eve dinner together.

Roast crispy duck with soy sauce, honey, molasses glaze.

The combination of a very long trip to Best Buy on Christmas Eve and a still partially frozen duck even after it had been thawing in the fridge for three days pushed back dinner to 10:30pm.  R was such a gentleman though and didn’t complain one bit even though I know he was probably starving.  I followed the instructions from The Hungry Mouse.  It was good, but some parts were a bit dry.  The legs were awesome though and now I got a big jar of duck fat in the fridge I’m dying to cook with.

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Fusion Thai in NoHo.

By no means am I done with authentic Thai in Thai Town, but after my interesting bowl of noodle soup (yes, I was talking about bumholes), I welcomed a break from “advanced” Thai.

Our foodie friend suggested the easily accessible and “bit”-free Thai fusion restaurant The Rustic Spoon in NoHo (North Hollywood).  The restaurant was small, but in a cute cozy way.  There was a Christmas tree and stockings hung along the back.  Super cute.  Our friend made a reservation, so we were sat right away.

They don’t sell booze, but I didn’t really miss it (shocking, I know).  We drank water infused with cucumber and citrus that was quite refreshing. They also have fancy mocktails that looked delicious.  My friend liked his Bloody Lychee (lychee juice, pomegranate juice with fresh lycee and sparkling water), and I enjoyed my Vietnamese coffee (LOVE that condensed milk).

We, of course, over-ordered.  But, everything was delicious so I was happy to have the variety of dishes.

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