Soondae deliciousness.

After my post about the bits I couldn’t eat at Sapp Coffee Shop, I didn’t want you to think I was squeamish with food so I’m blogging about one of my favorite Korean dishes.

Click the picture to read what Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly thinks about this tasty treat.

I’m tempted not to tell you what this stuff is so you won’t let any pre-judgments keep you from experiencing its deliciousness, but you’ve got Google, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you.

I’m talking about soondae.  I’ve also seen is spelled “sundae” because of the unfortunate reality of not having a uniform standard of romanization of our language.  However, I choose to write it “soondae” because oh what a surprise people would get when they ordered “sundae” and did not get a sweet ice cream dessert.

Soondae is Korean blood sausage.  It’s a popular street food in Korea and eating it brings me back to those days of stopping by the pojangmacha stands for a quick treat of soon dae, ddukboki, and a hot bowl of fish cake broth.

As with all sausages, I think it’s probably better not to know exactly how it’s made.  But, I have heard it’s not like Irish blood sausage (never tried).  The Korean variety has a really great casing and is made with clear noodles.  You dip pieces of soon dae in a mixture of salt and what I think is red pepper.  Rich, salty, delicious.

Soondae is definitely not an everyday food for me.  I probably buy it once or twice a year.  I think I forget how much I love it until someone or something reminds me.  Recently, I was doing a bit of grocery shopping at the Korean supermarket near work and they were passing out samples of it.  It was love at first bite and I had to buy some to gorge on for R to try.  I don’t think he was a fan, but he ate it and said it was “okay”.

I’m no food critic, so it’s hard for me to find the words to describe.  It has a very distinct flavor and aroma, which some people find off-putting.  But, to me it’s really quite delicious.  Give it a try.

What’s the strangest thing you like to eat?  In addition to soondae, I love ox tail and liver (poultry).  I also love to eat cold canned green beans as a snack.  Super weird, I know, but I just love the taste of them!

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