Fusion Thai in NoHo.

By no means am I done with authentic Thai in Thai Town, but after my interesting bowl of noodle soup (yes, I was talking about bumholes), I welcomed a break from “advanced” Thai.

Our foodie friend suggested the easily accessible and “bit”-free Thai fusion restaurant The Rustic Spoon in NoHo (North Hollywood).  The restaurant was small, but in a cute cozy way.  There was a Christmas tree and stockings hung along the back.  Super cute.  Our friend made a reservation, so we were sat right away.

They don’t sell booze, but I didn’t really miss it (shocking, I know).  We drank water infused with cucumber and citrus that was quite refreshing. They also have fancy mocktails that looked delicious.  My friend liked his Bloody Lychee (lychee juice, pomegranate juice with fresh lycee and sparkling water), and I enjoyed my Vietnamese coffee (LOVE that condensed milk).

We, of course, over-ordered.  But, everything was delicious so I was happy to have the variety of dishes.

Green papaya salad in a spicy lime dressing, grilled shrimp and sugar plum tomatoes.

We started with the green papaya salad.  It was crisp, packed with flavor, and refreshing.  The green papaya reminded me of shredded “moo” or Korean radish.

Crispy fried chicken with caramelized shallots, rice, and cucumber salad.

The crispy fried chicken was my least favorite, but it still wasn’t bad.  By itself, the chicken wasn’t particularly great fried chicken nor was there anything really Thai about it.  It was all white meat and kind of dry and the batter wasn’t anything special.  But I liked it with the caramelized shallots salsa thing.

Rustic spicy chicken with green beans and pumpkin.

I liked the sauce on the Rustic spicy chicken.  It tasted like green curry with lemongrass.  Lots of flavor and very aromatic.  I’m also a big fan of pumpkin and squash.

Eggplant with tofu, chili, garlic and basil sauce.

I really liked the sauce in the eggplant dish.  Deep rich flavors with a kick.  Both the eggplant and tofu were perfect for this dish because they soaked up the sauce so well.

Drunken Noodle with beef, peppers, onion and a shot of Thai whisky.

Although it may have been the least interesting dish, my personal favorite (and, judging from the fact that it was the only one we finished, the table’s favorite) was the drunken noodle.  I just really liked the sauce and those chewy noodles.  It was like a spicy beef chow fun with Thai basil.  Delicious.

It was a great night with good company and yummy food.  I got to check out NoHo for the first time and get my Thai fix.  Plus we ended the night by checking out our neighbor’s opening reception at a DTLA gallery.

For two natural homebodies, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of experiencing our new city.

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