An opera, some cocktails, and my first celeb sighting.

Ever since my group at work told me about Goldstar, I’ve been checking the site regularly for fun things to do in LA.  Goldstar is a website that offers discounted tickets to stuff around the city.  But, instead of for bungee jumping or booze cruising, the tickets are for the ballet, plays, comedy shows, etc.  It’s like Groupon for old people grown ups.

I ended up getting us $8 tickets to an opera at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Amahl & the Night Visitors was specially created for American TV and was aired for many years around Christmas.  It’s a story about a young boy and his mother who receive a visit in the middle of the night from the Three Wise Men on their journey to the Christ child.  The boy, Amahl, is crippled and him and his mother are so poor they have no wood or food for themselves or to offer their guests.  There’s a bunch of singing, a bit of dancing, a Christmas miracle and then it’s over.

It was… underwhelming.

I didn’t like the songs and the connection between mom and son seemed contrived.  I also thought it was a pretty jerk move for the Kings to accept all these gifts of food from the neighbors and not share with the starving kid and his mom.  I think I zoned out during the part when the Kings were actually talking about Jesus, so I missed probably the only part I would’ve liked.  Oh well.  It was worth $16 to check out the Pasadena Playhouse and go see my first opera (even if it was one in English).

After the show we went to Elements right next door for cocktails.  We just went for drinks but the food menu looked interesting.  It’s mostly “new American” with some Asian-y dishes like kimchi tacos and bibimbap.

Korean is just so hot right now, right?  It’s a trip to see after growing up in an area and time when people didn’t even know where Korea was and always assumed I was either Chinese or Japanese.  Definitely got made fun of when I brought kimchi to school once.

Anyway, back to the drinks.

I got the Widow’s Kick (applejack, benedictine, green chartreuse, angostura bitters, served with lemon twist) and R got the Secret Cocktail (gin, applejack, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, egg white, and cherry herring).  I have no idea what most of that stuff is.  I didn’t really like mine but R’s was pretty good.  I didn’t think either was worth the $10 price tag.

So, although the show and drinks were a bit of a disappointment, it was still a great night.  I got to get dressed up, experience something new, and go on a date with my handsome guy.

Plus, I finally experienced my first celebrity sighting (the man on the left).  Can you tell who he is?

Here are some clues: (1) He has a very distinctive look that’s instantly recognizable but hard to pinpoint from where; (2) His most famous movie is probably one from 1971 and even if you’ve never seen the movie you know his character; and (3) His most recent role in TV (that’s well-known) was on a show that was very L.A.

Who is it?  If I get 5 guesses in the comments, I’ll tell you in the next post.

It’s hardly like seeing J.Lo or Thom Yorke or Jessica Alba (celebs my friends have spotted), but still kind of neat in a, “hey, that’s that one guy” and then Googling and Imdb-ing him to figure out his name kind of way.

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2 thoughts on “An opera, some cocktails, and my first celeb sighting.

  1. Veronica N says:

    Who was it?? Bruce Jenner?

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