All the movies from 2011 in 7 minutes.

A big thank you to the folks at LAist for keeping me in the know about things going on in this new city of mine in general.  And, specifically for putting me onto this YouTube video of clips from Hatinhand.  The video includes clips from nearly every movie from 2011 (166 films total) from The Adjustment Bureau to Zookeeper.  It’s artfully edited and exciting.  Seemed like something the Academy would show during the Oscars and I’d definitely start crying over.  Reminds you how powerful and emotional movies can be.

Don’t you dare think about skipping this video because it’s 7 minutes.  I know 7 minutes seems long for a YouTube video, but it’s really well done and well worth your time.  Especially if you love movies as much as I do.  You know you’d easily be wasting 7 minutes mindlessly reading everyone’s FB status updates anyway.

Be sure to head over to LAist for another 3 minute supercut of all the movie titles, which is also worth a watch.  And, check out the original video on Haitan’s YouTube channel for the list of all the clips in order and for an explanation for why certain movies are missing (e.g., “Jack & Jill, because fuck that movie“).

Happy Friday!

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