Food truck Tuesdays.

I finally got over to Figueroa Produce in Highland Park last week to check out all the food trucks that park in the lot from 5-9 every Tuesday.  I was worried because after a quick Google search I read that the future of “Highland Park Dinner on the Go” or HParkDOTG  (formerly known as Highland Park Din-Din-a-Go-Go Food Truck or HParkDDAGG) was uncertain after organizer Chef Debbie Lee of Ahn Joo (as in Korean bar food) food truck fame stepped down because she had just opened a “brick and mortar” (what the cool kids are calling an actual restaurant location, like in a building).  Twitter seemed to think that it was still going on, so we tried it out.

Thankfully, it was.  There were lots of delicious sounding trucks there: Coolhaus (gourmet ice cream sandwiches), The Greasy Weiner (fun hot dogs), Grill Em All (burgers and the winners of the Great Food Truck Race), and others.

After doing the once around, we ended up splitting a noodle dish from Lomo Arigato and some fully loaded fries from Frysmith.

Peruvian + Japanese.

Gourmet fries loaded with goodies.

The noodles were just spaghetti with beef, onions, and cilantro, but it was really tasty and satisfying.  And, HUGE.  We both ate a ton and there was still enough for me to bring a big serving for lunch the next day.  The green sauce that came with it was spicy, cilantro-y, and delicious.  I wish I could buy a tub of this stuff.

From Lomo Arigato

The fries were extra crispy to stand up to the weight of all the chiles, onions, marinated steak, and cheese.  It was pretty good, but I didn’t love it.  But, I’m not that big of a fry fan and even less of a super crispy fry fan.  The steak was good though.

Rajas Fries from Frysmith:Fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese

It was a beautiful, warm night and we ate outside using the car for a table.

I’m still not sure if it’s happening every Tuesday night.  I tried contacting Fig Produce, but no response.  The Greasy Wiener responded on Twitter saying they are there the last Tuesday of the month.  Not sure if that goes for everyone.  The HParkDOTG Twitter seems dead.  Hopefully someone steps up and at least Tweets about it.  I hope these trucks keep this going and we make it a thing to go sample them.  It’s inexpensive and fun to check out the different trucks and take advantage of this relatively warm weather.

Although, it is definitely cooling down over here.  Brrr!  I know it’s snowing back in the Midwest, so I shouldn’t complain, but seriously, I think it takes 30 seconds to get used to this SoCal weather and instantly lose all the cold weather tolerance built up over years of Michigan and Chicago winters.  I think I’m going to break out the wool coat today.

Update: @LomoArigato responded, “Heey… Yes!!! This is every Tuesday!!! And we are still working on a twitter acc for it!!!”  As you can see, they are quite excited about it.  So am I.

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2 thoughts on “Food truck Tuesdays.

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Great blog post – I shouldn’t read this stuff when I’m hungry. I’m a fan of the nascent but grown food truck selection here in Dallas,

    and love reading about the selection of trucks elsewhere. It snowed a bit last night but I’m about to go catch a train and I’ll see what trucks have braved the weather at a popular spot downtown.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • MidwestGirl says:

      Thanks, Bill! I agree, food trucks are pretty neat. Seems like they have more flexibility to do fun and interesting things. Happy eating in Dallas! Your blog makes it look delicious!

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