A delicious map of yum.

Is it just me or has this week back to work after Thanksgiving been SO exhausting?  I am just tuckered out BEAT.

I feel like this guy:

Yesterday, I was so tired that I got into bed at 8:30 and was ready to call it a night.  R kept calling me an old lady, so I decided to poke around the blog.  I’ve been meaning to organize all my posts on recipes, restaurants, and crafts onto separate pages, so I started to do that.  I haven’t been blogging for very long, so I figured it wouldn’t take long and I could be sleeping by 9.  Silly me.  Nothing takes 30 minutes.

I got to the restaurant page and asked R if he thought grouping them by parts of town or by cuisine would be better.

He said, “Why don’t you group them by cuisine and also embed a Google map that has all the restaurants pinned on it and have the pins link to your post?

To which I responded, “What.

After I sat there looking confused for a while, R kindly (and patiently) walked a very sleepy and tech-challenged MWG through it.  I didn’t end up sleeping until 11pm, but now I have this really cool Google map of all the places I’ve tried so far in Los Angeles.  Worth it.

Some of the restaurants I pinned I haven’t written about, but I’ve included them anyway.  It’s fun to keep track of where I’ve been and it also reminds me to write something whenever I get around to it.  If you click on the pin, you’ll see a link to my post about that restaurant if one exists.  This whole Internet thing is just too cool.  We’re living in the future, I tell you.

Check out my new pages up top there in the banner for easier access to all my posts on DIY crafting, recipes, and restaurants.  If you’ve got comments or suggestions on making it more accessible or easier to navigate, contact me at MidwestLAgirl@gmail.com or on Twitter @MidwestLAgirl!  Thanks!

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