Easy DIY Christmas stockings for the lazy crafter.

Despite the 80 degree weather , all the tree trimming, mantle decorating, and Christmas carol listening has got me in the Christmas spirit.  I’m excited it’s happened so early this year.  I get to feel Christmasty for an entire month!

In my continued effort the Christmas up the house, I’ve been looking on Etsy for some stockings to hang above the fireplace.  I think the knit ones are so darling because they actually look like overgrown socks made for giants!

But, I just can’t pull the trigger on spending $100+.  So, until I learn how to knit or find cheaper stockings or find stockings I can’t live without, I made some placeholder ones out of random things around the house.

Now this isn’t much of a tutorial as it is just reinforcement to those who think they need to make a trip to the craft store, have a sewing machine, or have any sort of skill at all in order to DIY.  Not true.  Look at me (no skill).  This project took 30 min, $0, and involved the most laziest sewing ever.  It would make Martha cringe in horror.

  1. Find it.
    1. I started by looking for old wool sweaters I could cut up, but since I did a big Goodwill purge of my closet before the move, I didn’t have anything I wanted to part with.
    2. Then, I remembered we had a bag of stuff to give away and found blue and green flannel pillowcases that would serve as perfectly good stockings.
    3. There was also a red T-shirt in there I grabbed, not really having a plan for it.
  2. Cut it.
    1. Using one pillowcase, I flipped it inside out and  haphazardly cut out two big boot shaped pieces making sure to take advantage of the seams that were already there (to minimize the amount of sewing I had to do).
    2.  The bigger the better because it gives you extra room to sew — once you flip it right side out any extra material isn’t visible anyway.
  3. Sew it.
    1. Using the thin thread in the little sewing kit I have, I sewed the pieces together.
    2. I flipped the pillowcase/stocking right side out and voila, a stocking was born!
  4. Cuff it.
    1. Next, I cut off the sleeves of the red T-shirt and folded it over the top to make the cuff.
    2. I started sewing it under so my ugly cutting wouldn’t show, but got lazy and realized I could staple it without having the staples show so I did that instead.  I warned you.  Martha, I am not.
  5. Decorate it.
    1. The stockings were still looking unfinished, so I tied bows with some of the leftover scraps and pinned them to the cuff.
    2. I also got buttons out of my button jar and sewed them on the bows.  (I save all the extra buttons you get when you buy new clothes and put them in a little jar because I like how they look and how they sound when the buttons click around in the jar want to be prepared if I lose a button.)

I think they turned out pretty cute, especially considering the minimal time, effort, and cost.  If I make it to a craft store before Christmas, I’ll look for cuter decorative pieces for the bows and some thick red sweater yarn to redo the stitching.  Not sure if my lazy huge stitches of thread would actually keep the stocking together should we decide to stuff them.  I’d also like to make little ones for the little ones.

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2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Christmas stockings for the lazy crafter.

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