Like a boss.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was lovely.  The food was tasty and my brussels sprouts were a hit.  R’s aunt and uncle live right across the road from the beach, so instead of fallen leaves and snow, this Thanksgiving was all about palm trees and ocean waves.  Everyone was very nice and the older folks had great stories to tell.  Like how his great uncle’s first car was a Model T.  And, how he cut the roof off of his second car because he wanted a convertible.

Fun thing is, most of them are all Midwest in LA SoCal, too.

Today, it’s almost 70 and sunny and tomorrow it’s almost 80!  I’m hoping this warm weather doesn’t get in the way of it feeling like Christmas.  We’re thinking of getting a tree this weekend, so hopefully that’ll help.  Not much to post today, so I’ll leave you with some ridiculously funny things I’ve found on the Internet lately.  Enjoy your day and please don’t get pepper-sprayed or shot at Wal-Mart!

Everyone looks like a smooshed fool, but this guy is standing cool. Like a boss is right.

Apologies to all my friends who have been on the receiving end of kitty instant messages.

You must watch this YouTube video that’s been going around of Oscar the Dog.  It’s pretty wacky and made me giggle in amazement.

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4 thoughts on “Like a boss.

  1. I didn’t get pepper sprayed!! Of course, all I did was bought 3 for $1 grapefruits at a fruit stand 5 blocks away.

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