Powder puffs.

Day 1 of us moving in there’s a really cute grey cat that’s hanging out around back.  I love him.  So I do what’s natural for most Korean women who want to express their love.  I feed it.




“There’s a cat out back.”


“You think I should feed it?”

I ask, as I watch him eating our cats’ food I just gave him.

“Absolutely not.”


“Why?  He’s so cute.”

I say, as he polishes off the rest of the food.

“Because he’ll keep coming back for food.”


Day 2 of us moving here, cat comes back.  This time, R feeds him.  Despite what he said, R’s a big softy and couldn’t resist the poor scrawny little guy either.  I name him Joe.

Now, Joe still stays outside but comes promptly for breakfast and dinner.  Also, Joe is now Jo.  While we were out of town, our petsitter (yes, we asked the petsitter to feed the stray) texted that the cat is a girl.  I quickly responded by asking how she knew because I had never seen a cat penis before.  After an awkward half day without a response (note to self: texts to almost-strangers about cat penises might be weird), the sitter texted she checked and the cat was missing “powder puffs”.  I think that’s her cute way of saying “furry balls”.

You can't tame me, woman. Now, give me my food and stop trying to look at my parts.

Jo is slowly learning to trust us.  She comes real close and lets us pet her.  Recently, she was gone for 2 days and I got so worried.  I’m trying to get her to come inside, but I think she’s pretty intimidated by all our critters.  If I can convince her to come in, we’ll have THREE cats.  Oh dear.  But, I also have a dog and a boyfriend, so that means I’m not a crazy cat lady.  That’s logic, friends.

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2 thoughts on “Powder puffs.

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    Haha…I too have never seen a cat penis.

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