Things I did on 11-18-11.

  1. Slept in until 7:30.
  2. Made a spinach and tomato omelette.
  3. Walked the dog.
  4. Moved my blog.
  5. Ate jjajangmyun from Zion Market.
  6. Watched Happy Endings and the Daily Show.
  7. Drank a beer.

After waiting almost 4 months, we finally got the results of the California Bar Exam — a 3-day exam that covered 14 subjects, included 6 essays, 2 performance tests, 100 multiple choice questions, an exam we spent about 6-8 hours a day, every day, for 2 months studying for (not to mention about 3 years of law school prior).  It was a long day and a scary moment right before clicking that send button, but I passed.  R & I both did.

So, I am officially Midwest Girl, Esq. (the “Esquire” always reminds me of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure).  Well, I might have to get sworn in first, but I’m not sure.

My parents were so happy that I got teary.  Earlier this week my dad emailed me saying,

No matter what the result is, it is God’s will to lead you in a better way.  Therefore, in either case, we are just fine and can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

He reiterated tonight that he would have been proud of me either way (although, he did admit that this was certainly the easier route to pass it now than to have to take it again).  He told me to relax and go have a beer (he called me 5 minutes after we hung up to clarify to not drink too much though).  Having been apart from them for several years now and now being even further away, I do appreciate them more.  I admire their strength and their faith in God.

I’m going to go get that beer now.

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7 thoughts on “Things I did on 11-18-11.

  1. m says:

    CONGRATS!!! i am proud of you as well.

  2. Jenny N says:

    That is a sweet story with your dad =) Congrats again on passing and I like the new design of your blog!

    • Thanks, Jenny N! Congratulations to you, too! Celebratory meal soon? I’m glad you like the new design. It was certainly a welcome distraction while waiting for results yesterday. :)

  3. Veronica N says:

    Congrats!! So happy for you, R AND Jenny N =)

  4. […] the clinic I was in at law school, I graduated law school, I moved to California with R, I took and passed the bar, I was sworn into the California State Bar making me an actual real lawyer, I got a new job, and I […]

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