LA being all city-like with the DTLA Art Walk.

Every second Thursday of the month is the DTLA Art Walk.  All day and night people walk around popping in and out of the 40+ galleries downtown.  There are booths set up for vendors selling this and that, restaurants give out samples, and the food trucks are parked nearby.  This month, I decided to head down there after work and check it out.

People actually got out of their cars.

I didn’t have that much time to explore because I had worked late and was meeting R for dinner, but it was fun to gallery hop for a bit and check out a new part of town.  I’m always just north of this part of DTLA (downtown LA), but never knew about this area of galleries, restaurants, and bars.

My favorite part of it was the energy of all the different people out.  Since this isn’t much of a walking town, I’ve yet to see so many people out and about on the streets.  I guess LA Live (huge entertainment complex near the Staples Center) and the Grove (outdoor mall) being the exceptions.

Some of the art was pretty rad, too.


I had a good time walking around, which is one of my all-time favorite things to do and the best way to get to know a city.  And, it certainly didn’t hurt that it was a pleasant 65 degrees at 8pm (while the Midwest was hit with its first snow super early in the year).

Next time, I’ll have to leave work earlier so I have more time to wander.  I’m really enjoying getting to know my new city.

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