Styled just for you, MWG!

I hate shopping.  Going to stores, trying things on, buying things… it’s so tedious.  When I go with friends, I try to be a fun shopping buddy, but end up playing the bored boyfriend role.  And, like some crazy Pavlovian response, I get sleepy as soon as I leave.  This is a problem because I love new clothes, shoes, and accessories (take note, future gift givers).

This is me.  Not really, but for some reason there aren’t any photos of bored girls shopping on the Internet.

I was poking around Cupcakes and Cashmere, one of my favorite blogs (this girl is just so dang stylish – cutest clothes, beautifully decorated home, and she’s so pretty).  I came across StyleMint.  I might be late to join the “T Shirt Revolution”, but I’ve never heard of the brand.  Apparently, the Ts are designed by Michelle Tanner Mary Kate and Ashley, who release new styles every month.  The shirts are so cute and look comfy and versatile.  Plus, they are all $29.99 with free shipping and easy returns (they pay for shipping, you pay $6 restocking fee for returns, but no fee for exchanges).  Bonus: enter cupcake11 for an extra 10% off.  *update* cupcake11 only gives you 10% off one item so I googled and found smshow20 for 20% off the entire order.

Here’s the “catch” though.  It’s actually a pretty interesting business model.  First, once you sign up, you answer a series of questions, like which outfit would you wear on girls night, to a date, etc.  They create a style profile for you and style the tops in the way they think you’d wear it (trendy, modern, or classic).  Once you make your first purchase, you become a “member” and this happens:

Please note members that neither select an item nor notify us of the intention to skip the month before the 6th day of the month, will be charged the monthly dues ($29.99) and receive a store credit.

Reminds me of the days of Columbia House records when you got like 84 CDs for a penny, but then they owned you for life.  (But they didn’t really because turns out you can’t enforce a contract against a 12 year old.  Lawyered.)

Anyway.  The shirts are cute and affordable and I think I’m responsible enough to opt out before the 6th of the month, so I went ahead and did it.  I can always cancel the membership.  (Although they make it kind of annoying to do because you have to get on the phone with a live person.  Ew.)

I wanted like seven of them, but then I remembered my law school debt and settled for these two:

The Pacific in black.  

I really wanted the oatmeal, but it’s sold out in my size.  It looks frumpy here, but that seems to be the effect of that silly hat.  It has an open-ish back that’s super fun.

The Lincoln in royal blue.  

Again, the picture doesn’t look all that great.  Note to self: might not be great shirts for FB photos.  But, the site has these short video clips that are actually pretty helpful for seeing what they actually look like on actual ridiculously tall, skinny, gorgeous models people.  I think the combo of the cut and fabric make them look really pretty when you’re moving.

Excited to get some new tops.  All without having to step foot in a store.  Internet shopping – it’s like getting presents from yourself in the mail!

P.S.  Contrary to previous post, it’s not always sunny in Los Angeles.  It’s raining today.  I’ve been duped!

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One thought on “Styled just for you, MWG!

  1. […] tissue paper from an old Kate Spade purchase in that vase.  The leather-like string is from my Style Mint purchase (which I love) and the red one is a bit of fabric leftover from my Christmas stocking […]

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