It’s always sunny in Los Angeles.

Cleaning the guestroom didn’t work out so well.  Turns out most of that stuff is R’s.  It’s lots of random computer part thingers and electronic do-hickeys (I am the most tech savvy).  I wouldn’t know how to organize it even if I tried.  I just kind of moved things around and consolidated boxes.  It sort of looks emptier.  R said he’s going to do it tomorrow.  I hope he does or else D & D will be sleeping on old Dell bits.

If he doesn't take care of it, I'm making a giant one of these.

I did manage to tackle the mantle.  I looked through my miscellaneous box of cards and photos for things that I could frame that were autumn-y  I found orange peony wrapping paper and put it in an old, ugly gold frame that I spray painted a thin coat of glossy black.  The frame is textured so the gold peaks out.  I also found some greeting cards with reds and oranges and cut and framed them.  One is a halloween card that R’s grandmother sent us this year (with $20 in it).  The other is one I gave R on his birthday this year.  Makes me smile.  Partially because it’s a goofy looking cat smiling and sticking his tongue out.  Mostly because it was my first card to R and reminds me of the early stages of our relationship.  I also got together some photos I took in Korea and some R took in England and put them in a multi-photo frame.  I didn’t have a good one to go in the middle, so I cut out a picture of autumn leaves at Seoraksan, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, out of one of the many Korea travel books my mom has given R.  Mom’s way of trying to make him feel welcomed is pretty ridiculous and cute at the same time.

"So, you've decided to date a Korean girl..."

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  I did manage to get the wolf plate off the mantle, but I couldn’t get rid of it because R genuinely seems to take pride in it.  So, I put it in the window in the kitchen.  (I politely choose to ignore the fact there’s no way he went to a paint your own pottery studio by himself or with some buddies.)  I also distressed the coffee table by taking different grit sandpaper to it so the wood peaks out.  I like it better than before.  R says it looks shabbier.

Overall, I did get to cross a couple things off the list.  All while watching the entire second season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every other episode, but I missed that season.  That show is just so off the wall ridiculous.  Hilarious most of the time, but sometimes I just really hate them all for being such awful human beings.  Even then, it’s still pretty funny.  The earlier seasons, they are still awful, but less psychotic crazy like they have been in recent seasons.

Oh, and I didn’t do #7 – go out like a young person.  But, I think it’s pretty awesome that I have such a great and fun guy to hang out and cook feasts with at home (last night was a fully-loaded stir fry and tonight was samgyupsal pork belly for some at-home K-BBQ).  He makes a night in just as fun as any night out.


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