The wolf plate has got to go.

I cannot believe it’s already November.  It’s been almost 2 months since moving to LA from DC.  After the first two weeks of going pretty hard at unpacking, buying furniture, spending too much time at Bed Bath & Beyond, settling in, etc., I’m sad to report that I’ve… sort of… fizzled… out.

Okay, I haven’t done anything.  The office/guestroom looks like a storage facility/cats’ feeding room, my DIY shabby-chic coffee table is just looking shabby, and apart from the wolf plate (as in, a plate with a howling wolf that R painted at one of those pottery stores) that we ironically (I think) put on our mantle, we have no decorations.

This is what I think of every time I see that wolf plate.

Actually, that’s a lie.  We do have a very stylish digital TV antennae slash picture frame from Radio Shack that has a very nice photo of a white lady gardening with her beautiful blonde child.

No photos of us or our families, so this one will do.

In our defense, we both did just start new jobs and have been out of town quite a bit.

But, it’s time to end the procrastination and end it quick because I’ve offered our storage locker guestroom up for an old friend’s little brother and his fiance to stay with us for ten days while they are in between homes.  They just moved out here too.  I haven’t met her and probably haven’t seen him in seven plus years, but I couldn’t not offer when I heard they were in a bind.  That’s the Midwest in me.  R is being such a good sport about it.  I thought there would have to be a little arm-twisting, but there was none.  He’s pretty great.  He’s definitely got some Midwest in him, too (grandparents).

So, this weekend’s to do list includes:

  1. Clean out guestroom and put all unnecessaries in the basement.
  2. Figure out a solution for the dog and cat food.
  3. Decorate the mantel.  I’m thinking an autumn theme because I miss it.
  4. Finish distressing coffee table.
  5. Find/buy an air mattress or sleeper.
  6. Look for decorations.

I’m really digging all the antique maps as decor I’ve been seeing lately.

Oh, and 7.  Do at least one young, LA-type thing.  Where I stay out past 10pm.  I gripe about what an old lady I am, but I really should go out and do things before I really am an old lady.  Thinking maybe downtown happy hour tonight.  Maybe a comedy club tomorrow.  Still not like hitting ‘da club, but it’s a start.

Happy Friday!

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One thought on “The wolf plate has got to go.

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